Esteemed Neve Diode-Bridge Compression

Designed in 1969, the original Neve® 2254 mono Limiter/Compressor unit quickly became a legend. Forty years on, the 2254’s successor, the Neve 2254/R mono limiter/compressor represents another milestone.

From the first Diode-bridge compressor, the 2252, through to the early cubic 2254 modules, Neve® compressors have been held in very high regard as often treasured studio essentials. Now, the 2254/R takes this treasured circuit design into the 21st century with a modern 19″ rack format for seamless integration into your studio racks.

Marinair® Transformers

The 2254/R Limiter/Compressor uses exclusive Marinair® specification transformers on the input, bridge-driver, sidechain and output stages to produce the sweet sound made famous by the classic 2254.

Diode-Bridge Design

The 2254 and its predecessors, the 2252 and 2253, were the first dynamics processors to exploit the electrical properties of diodes in their control circuits to produce compression curves. Rupert Neve discovered that distortion properties were significantly reduced by mounting two diodes in a bridge configuration, allowing for ideal compression curves when carefully controlled voltages were applied. As a result, the 2254/R’s diode-bridge circuitry produces a wide range of compression types, ranging from subtle & smooth to aggressive & overdriven.

Class A Discrete

Though modern in construction, the  2254/R Limiter/Compressor remains true to the original 1969/1970’s models by using class A discrete circuitry throughout its audio signal path, including a discrete transformer-balanced output which evolved from the early Neve® console line output modules.

Group Linking

Multiple 2254/R’s can be linked together via the control voltage link. When units are linked together, they all share a common sidechain to control their gain reduction; whichever unit receives the loudest signal at any given moment becomes the threshold trigger for the group.

Independent Limiter & Compressor

The independent compressor and limiter sidechains function as closed loops in isolation from each other. This provides the ultimate dynamic control of transients and giving you the ability to use the 2254/R as a creative tool in the studio.

Variable Fast Attack

The 2254/R includes sweepable fast attack control for the limiter, an enhancement on the original. Ranging from 2ms to 100us, this feature allows you to dial in precise limit attack times for your music.

Variable-Point Metering

The 2254/R’s moving coil meter can be applied to various points in the signal chain, including the input & output gain stages and gain reduction stages. This system is complemented with a dual colour LED meter to indicate signal at -10dBu and clipping at +25dBu.

The 2254/R’s Limiter & Compressor circuits feature several recovery options, including an auto-recovery setting.  In the AUTO position, both the attack and recovery times are composite and self-adjusting. Speeds are rapid for isolated peaks while remaining slow for persistently high levels, so the impression of a standard dynamic range is preserved as the programme rides on a slowly moving ‘gain platform’.

Total Recall Software

Every setting on the 2254/R can be recalled in a matter of seconds using the Neve® Recall Software application, simply connect the 2254/R via USB to your DAW computer to access the Neve Recall Software program.

IDR 36.800.000

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